Hey, I’m Sarah

I write the words that make people buy the things.

Are you looking for boring copy that speaks only about you?


Copy that hides your personality and leaves people confused about what you can do for them, let alone why they should buy from you?


Copy that, at best reads like something you put together using the copywriting equivalent of Google Translate, and at worst sounds exactly the same as every other website in your industry?

Then, I’m probably not for you…


Unless, of course, you’re willing to change your ways. Then we can talk.


Still here? Awesome.


Then I’m going to assume that you’ve either seen the light, OR you never needed any convincing in the first place.


I’m also going to assume that you’re one very smart cookie who understands the value and power great copywriting can have on your business – and, let’s be honest, your wallet.


If my assumptions are correct (like they could be anything else), then you’ll be looking for clear, interesting, and persuasive copy that fully encapsulates your brand, your tone of voice, your personality, and speaks so clearly to your ideal client that they’ll start to wonder if somehow you’ve been able to spy on them.


You understand that true connection and a feeling of “this person is reading my mind – they totally get me” along with the feeling that your product or service was made just for them are actually what make people buy from you.


If that’s what you’re after with your copy AND your business, then you’re definitely in the right place.

What I Can Help You With

Website Copy

Fresh, engaging, and persuasive copy for your website that speaks directly to your ideal customer, and turns them into raving fans who buy from you on repeat.

Blog Posts

Top quality, well-researched blog posts to position you as an industry authority, build trust with your ideal customers, and drive up sales.


Newsletters that actually get opened, are packed full of value, and drive readers to the “buy now” button every time.

Product Descriptions

SEO-optimised product descriptions that perfectly highlight the benefits of your product so that hitting “add to cart” becomes the only logical thing to do.

Social Media Posts

Build connection, authority, and drive targeted leads with regular posts on any platform that help you stand out from the noisy crowd.

Sales Funnels

Captivating copy at every stage of a carefully planned sales funnel that takes someone from “who are you?” to “where have you been all my life? – here’s my credit card.”

About Me

Well, since you asked…

Having spent the past 8 years writing copy and content across a range of industries, for both private clients and agencies, I’ve become not too terrible at stringing words together in a way that gets people to do what I want them to do.

Some people may call this manipulation, but others call it copywriting – so let’s not split hairs, okay?

If you have a project that requires some solid manipulation – sorry, I mean copywriting, then fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch within the next 24 hours.

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