About Me


I’m apparently the funniest person you’ll ever meet – well, according to a taxi driver and a handful of guys who read my Tinder bio.


Now, I know you’re probably wondering what being funny has to do with me being a copywriter and social media strategist.


Honestly, I just thought this little piece of useless information was a good way to break the ice between us.


On a more serious note (yes, I can do that sometimes, you know). Good comedy and good copywriting both require the following skills:


Know your audience;

Keep them hooked;

Be relatable;

Leave them wanting more.


Like any good comedian, as a copywriter I’ve mastered the above. You wouldn’t still be here otherwise.


This is good news for you – especially if you want to do things like get more targeted traffic to your website and generate more sales.


Sound good?


Then click that snazzy button below you and book a time to hear my lovely voice explain this in more detail. If you’re lucky, I may even tell you a joke.

My Services



Whether it’s fresh copy for your website, product descriptions to turn browsers into buyers, or even copy for a brochure or other marketing materials, I’ve got you covered.


Social Media Management

If you want to stay at the front of people’s minds today, having a social media presence is essential. Though it’s easier said than done when you don’t have the time or know-how to use it effectively, so if you’re looking to really dominate your industry, then my social media management services will help you do just that.


Content Marketing

Never again worry about what to post on your blog each week with my monthly blog packages and social media updates designed to help you drive more traffic and sales consistently.


Translations (German-English)

Do you have an international audience, or just need a one-off translation for some copy or content? Living in Munich for 15 years and speaking fluent German means that I can help you get your message across in flawless English.

Want to work with me?

Do you have a project you’d like to discuss, or just some questions about how I may be able to help you? Click the button below to schedule a quick chat with me.